Fountains and Ponds

Decorative fountains include container gardens, patio ponds and refreshing fountains that incorporate an in-ground reservoir.

Adding a fountain to your yard will create a calm and enjoyable oasis for your whole family to relax in.

Fountains will attract wildlife to your garden providing water and habitat for birds and butterflies increasing the diversity of life on your property.

Our pondless fountains are low maintenance, HOA friendly, and child safe. Since there is no body of water there is no chance that a small child can fall in and be injured, also because there is no open water you do not have to put up a fence surrounding your yard. The beauty of a fountain will also increase the property value of your home.

Fountain Pricing  $$$

Aquascape Inc. fountains beginning at $2,500.00. This price includes a basin, pump, one large pot/urn,  all the necessary plumbing, and the stone to go around the base to make the fountain complete.

I use Aquascape Inc. pumps and products that come with warranties, giving you peace of mind that your fountain will last for many years to come.

Non-Aquascape fountains begin at $1,500.00. This includes the basin, urn/pot, pump, all the necessary plumbing, and the stone to go around the base to make the fountain complete.


Landscape ponds are a wonderful addition to any home. They can be placed in the front or back yard easily. Pond sizes begin at 8 by 6 feet and go up from there.

Ponds can be used for fish like koi and goldfish or turtles and frogs. They will also attract wild birds and other native species. Some pond owners have gone as far as to have their yards certified as a wildlife habitat.

Pond pricing varies per job with many variables like type of stone, waterfall size, landscape layout, and access.



Additional pots/urns.

Landscape plants.


Specialty pots/urns.



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Services and Recommendations

Oakleaf offers a wide variety of landscape services. I am TORC (Texas organic research center) certified and believe in using organic practices.

Tree care.

From pruning to flare exposure to reduce disease and insect pressure. Removal of dead trees and planting of new well adapted species for your area and application.

Landscape installation and maintenance.

Installation and design of flower beds, garden beds, walkways, paths, and landscape features like fountains and ponds.

Organic Fertilization for lawns, trees, and flowers. I use organic solutions that are safe for you your family and pets.

Gravel and stonework.

Driveways, walkways, parking areas are all part of the landscape and need to be addressed also. I use river rock, pea gravel, limestone gravel, paver base, sand, decomposed granite, flagstone, and others to give you a finished look that will complete and compliment your home and landscape.

Drainage Solutions.

Culvert installation, Culvert Cleanouts, Washout Reconstruction and Prevention.

Buried Downspouts, French Drains, Downspout Redirection, Berms, and Swales.

Standing water can damage foundations and in general is a nuisance. I offer solutions to drain areas that are problematic.

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