The benefits of having a water feature!

Do you love the sound of a burbling brook?

Or maybe you love fish and could sit and watch them for hours on end.

Perhaps you love wildlife and want to provide an ecosystem that will provide for their needs and give you the joy of observing them.

Well then a water feature may be the answer for you. From a fountain, pondless waterfall, to a full ecoscape pond there is a solution that will work for your property.

A fountain will add the sounds of water and provide a calm and relaxing environment for you to enjoy whenever you want. They can be small or large depending on what you desire and can incorporate stone or ceramic pots that will add to the beauty of your landscape. Fountains also provide a source of water for the beneficial insects and animals in your area. Many people have reported that frogs and toads have appeared on their property after installing a fountain. Frog and toads are an indicator species and only live where the ecosystem is healthy.

The next step is a pondless waterfall. The sight and sound of water running down a waterfall and through a stream right in your yard! Water running over rocks and cascading down to disappear into a stone bed are some of the most magical sights and sounds that nature has to offer. You also get the benefit of small pools that offer even more habitat for wildlife to use. Even the family dog will love this and will often be found cooling off and getting a drink to refresh themselves.

A backyard pond! Have you dreamed of having a backyard Koi pond? Or maybe you love turtles and want to have a habitat for them? With an ecosystem pond you can have all of that with very little maintenance. Building the pond to mimic nature creates a system that is almost self sustaining. Adding features like a waterfall and a stream increase the health and life in your pond as well as adding beauty and value to your home. Imagine sitting in the evening and watching your Koi swimming around eating and playing. With the addition of lights you can extend the amount of time your enjoyment lasts into the evening hours. Having moving water and fish in the pond means that there will not be mosquitoes. Adding flowers and other colorful plants to the water and pond edge will make the ecosystem complete.


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