The Drought!

The drought and what to expect from your plants


With the continuing drought and hot weather that we are experiencing you landscape plantings are most likely having a tough time.

What you can expect to see in trees and shrubs is leaf drop. What does that mean? Well the leaves will begin to turn yellow and fall off. It will be widespread across the whole tree. Is it a problem? Short answer? No. Longer answer is that you should pay attention to how it is happening. It should be spread out across the whole tree and not localized to any one part of the tree. Also when the leaves turn yellow they should fall off, not be stuck to the tree.

If you have fruit trees that have fruit set already and you want to get a harvest you should consider watering if you are having leaf drop. The tree may decide to drop the fruit in order to save its life if you don’t give it some water. Watering a tree should be done by saturating the root zone of the tree and then letting it go as long as possible before you see signs of stress, then watering again. You can test the moisture in the soil by using a probe to check the soil. A probe can be any long thin rod that you can push into the ground. If it comes out with moisture on it wait a little longer and test again. Continue this until it comes out dry or mostly dry then water again.

Flowers and flowering plants will be showing signs of stress by looking wilted and not flowering. Be sure to water them heavily and wait till they show signs of stress before watering again. You should have a thick (2 to 4 inches) layer of mulch on your beds to help retain moisture.

New plantings of flowers and small shrubs will need to be watered every day until they are established and maybe beyond that if the drought is still with us. Most will be established in about 2 to 4 weeks, and hopefully we will have some good rains by then.


Remember to give your plants the best chance of survival by using organic amendments like compost, Garrett Juice, liquid seaweed, rock dust, Azomite, or green sand.

Have a great day


Oakleaflandscape and Tree Service Llc


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