Services and Recommendations

Oakleaf offers a wide variety of landscape services. I am TORC (Texas organic research center) certified and believe in using organic practices.

Tree care.

From pruning to flare exposure to reduce disease and insect pressure. Removal of dead trees and planting of new well adapted species for your area and application.

Landscape installation and maintenance.

Installation and design of flower beds, garden beds, walkways, paths, and landscape features like fountains and ponds.

Organic Fertilization for lawns, trees, and flowers. I use organic solutions that are safe for you your family and pets.

Gravel and stonework.

Driveways, walkways, parking areas are all part of the landscape and need to be addressed also. I use river rock, pea gravel, limestone gravel, paver base, sand, decomposed granite, flagstone, and others to give you a finished look that will complete and compliment your home and landscape.

Drainage Solutions.

Culvert installation, Culvert Cleanouts, Washout Reconstruction and Prevention.

Buried Downspouts, French Drains, Downspout Redirection, Berms, and Swales.

Standing water can damage foundations and in general is a nuisance. I offer solutions to drain areas that are problematic.