Fertilization and Roses

Here it is 2019 a new year again.

What does that mean? Well for those of us that follow an organic program for our property it means it is time to do the first fertilization of the year!

Yes here in the south we are ready to start putting down dry molasses and corn gluten meal. This application will fertilize and knock down the first broad leaf weeds that would normally appear in late winter and early spring.

Simple easy and safe for everyone in your home and good for the planet. Unlike chemical fertilizers that are basically a salt the organic program is beneficial. It builds soil microbe life that in turn breaks down organic matter and feeds plant life.

In short it makes your land more fertile the longer you use it.

Roses! Who doesn’t love the vivid colors and sweet smell of their blooms?

Now until February 14th is the time to get a first fertilization and trimming done. Roses need to be trimmed back 30 days before the last frost date to encourage bud set and flowering. For us here in North Texas that date is March 14th, so roses need to be trimmed by Valentines’ day.