Organic Fertilization

It is that time of year again to begin fertilizing your lawn, trees, and other plantings.

If you follow an organic program and live in the south now is the time to put out your first treatment for the year.

What do I suggest?

I suggest dry molasses, corn gluten meal, and rock minerals applied at a rate of 10 lbs per thousand square feet. On turf, this means just putting the dry ingredients in a spreader and walking back and forth on your lawn. For flower beds and pots the application rate is the same and it can be spread on top of the mulch and worked in with a rake or by hand. For fruit and shade trees, I will typically spread the dry mix around the base of the tree in a circle out one to two feet past the drip line and then water it in.

This application can be expensive and I can understand someone balking at the cost. If you want to lower the cost there are two things I suggest. First, replace the rock minerals like Azomite with green sand. This will lower the cost some. The second option is to skip the rock minerals altogether. If you skip the rock minerals in the spring be sure to apply them in the summer feeding.

Happy gardening everyone and keep your thumb green!


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